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Imabe Iberica High Speed Balers

MAX-PAK, already known for the most durable balers in the industry, now offers the IMABE IBERICA line of high-speed balers for the American and Canadian markets. Manufactured in Spain with representatives in 20 countries, Imabe balers have earned a worldwide reputation for European excellence.

Now when your needs call for maximum speed and throughput, UP TO 50 TONS PER HOUR, you can get MAX-PAK’s personal service and attention with the world’s best high speed balers.

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Imabe Iberica High Speed Balers
  • Ultra High Quality Balers and Conveyors
  • Up To 50 Tons Per Hour Material Processing
  • Reliable Wire Tying, Up To 5 Ties
  • Sophisticated European Hydraulics
  • Incredible Power...Up To 300HP

Offered Exclusively by MAX-PAK

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